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South Puget Sound Scuba Photo and Video Gallery
Open Water Class 17 March 2019, L-R: MI Pete, DMC Pablo, graduates Kyle, Danielle & Joe, and Alora & Nick.  First day of warm spring weather made for a gorgeous day.  Great job by all! (photo by DM Lao)
Open Water graduates 11 Feb 2019.  Freezing temps on land but a balmy 47'F in the water.  L-R: Vlad (who's got cold weather in his genes), then US Army ranger Jake, MI Pete, US Army rangers Kolton and Luis, and DM Dave.  Diving in the snow: it doesn't get better than this!!
Advanced Open Water at Sund Rock 26 January 2019, L-R: DMC Ryan, graduate Kevin, DM Jay, graduate Kirsten, and MI Pete.  A blustery winter day but with great viz.
Hanging at the safety stop testing out new sidemount rig.
Jay just finished his Deep Diver specialty at Lobstershop Wall on 22 December 2018 and thereby also finished the last requirement for his Divemaster certification!!  R-L: New DM Jay, MI Pete, and DM Joe.
Open Water Class at Sunnyside Beach 16 Dec 2018, L-R: Students Florian, Chelsea, Ryan, MI Pete, students Joe, and Brady, then NEW DM Mike!! and DMC Jay.
21 November 2018 at Sunnyside: Dad Todd (center) with sons (L-R) George, Garrett, and Maxwell with DM Joe and MI Pete on left and right flanks.  Rugged family taking the Open Water course through Hoodsport n Dive in Tumwater--all in the salt!!!
Open Water graduates 7 Oct 2018, L-R: students Jake and Jessica, MI Pete, students Trent, Brandi, and Eric.  DMC Pablo took the picture.
Newly certified Open Water diver Pedro (center) with DMC Pablo (L) and MI Pete (R) at Hoodsport 'n Dive in Hoodsport on Hood Canal, the only true fjord in the lower 48.
Six-gill shark at Redondo
Advanced Open Water Class 25 Aug 2018, L-R: DM Joe, DMCs Pablo and Mike, graduate James, MI Pete, graduates Corey, Ryan, and Chris.  A great day at Sund Rock!
Advanced Open Water class 25 Aug 2018 at Sund Rock.  Dive briefing for the final dive: Wreck.
Open Water class 12 August 2018, L-R:  MI Pete, DMC Mike, graduates Daniel and Simi, DMC Pablo, graduates Minki, Kirsten, Eli, and Katie, AND ReActivated diver Missy.
Open Water class, Sunnyside, 15 July 2018, L-R: Ryan, Chris, DMC Lao (in back), Kwang Jin, Quint, DMC Jay (in back) Quest, Gilsun, Chelsea, new Divemaster Joe, and MI Pete.  A great day for diving, and a great job by all!
Pete with students at Sunnyside Beach, Steilacoom
Students at Redondo
Dive boat the PROUD MARY
Navigating the Proud Mary towards Taylor Bay Wreck to anchor up and dive the wreck.
Boat Diver specialty--Pam Treischel
Boat Diver certification on the Proud Mary 30JUN2018.  L-R: DM Joe, Boat Divers Jay and Pablo, MI Pete.  Dove Taylor Bay Wreck.
Harbor Seal
New rescue Diver Jay Oles (2nd from L) with DMC Pablo (L) and DMC Joe (R) and MI Pete (far R)
Giant Pacific Octopus--Octopus Hole
Giant Pacific Octopus out hunting at night--Redondo
Open Water course classroom
Open Water graduates 13 May 2018, L-R:  DM Joe, students Jakari, Chad, Khali, Abby, and MI Pete
New Rescue Diver, Kyle Smith!  MI Pete and DM Joe left of Kyle.
Advanced Open Water graduates 28 April 2018 at Sound Rock, L-R:  DM Joe, students Lexus and Hunter, MI Pete, and student Jay.
Monica Lim holding a Sea Cucumber--Pete with Monica's camera
Sea anemones at Sund Rock South Wall--Lloyd Mullen
Open Water Graduates April 8, 2018, L-R:  MI Pete, Josh, Jeff, Hunter, DM Joe
Pete doing skill demonstration for Wreck Diver specialty--Pam Treischel
Sealife  clinging to South Sound wreck--Pam Treischel
Joe LaForest certified Wreck Diver--Pam Treischel
Checking the boat anchor during the Boat Diver specialty--Pam Treischel
Open Water graduates 4 Feb 2018.  Big class, great job diving!  L-R:  MI Pete, certified divers Phil, Pablo, Justin (max score on all tests!!), Taylor, Chelsea, Kate, Ben, Joe, and DMC Joe
Surface interval at Sunnyside Beach park, 4 Feb 2018.  One more dive to go, then Open Water certified!  L-R: Ben, Taylor, Chelsea, Kate.
Advanced Open Water class graduates at Sound Rock 25 Jan 2018. L-R: Kyle, Divemaster Joe, Matt, Ryan, and Master Instructor Pete
Aug 26, 2017, Advanced Open Water class at Sund Rock (L-R): DM Pam, MI Pete, Students Clay. Ashley, Josh, Scott
Rescue Diver class Oct 1, 2017.  Back row (L-R): DM Pam, Clay, Scott; Front row (L-R): James, MI Pete
Dec 10, 2017 Open Water Graduates.  L-R: DM Joe, Students Julie Anne & Wes, Master Instructor Pete, Student Sarah. A GREAT DAY FOR DIVING!!
New Divemaster Banner Licano with Pete on a c-o-l-d December day at Sunnyside Beach
Wolf Eel--Sund Rock North Wall
Striped Perch--Sund Rock
Open Water Course, Confined Water
Open Water Course--Open Water Dives
Check out this deep dive tour video featuring rare Cloud Sponges plus Wolf Eels, etc 

Courtesy of Mike Zahn
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Photo credits:  Will Crawford, Yelm, WA; Pete Holmberg, Lacey, WA; Monica Lim, JBLM, WA;  Lloyd Mullen, Shelton-Mason County Journal, WA; Banner Licano, Mesa, AZ;  Pamela Treischel, Tumwater, WA;  George Stenberg, Liiliwaup, WA: Clay Braun, JBLM, WA; Joe Drelling, Steilacoom, WA; Wes Sewall, JBLM, WA; Pablo Monroy, Bonney Lake, WA; Jacques Star, Dallas, TX; Olga Zuyev, Tacoma, WA, Laomar Quiros, JBLM, WA
Pete searching for and finding female wolf eel in den at Sund Rock, South Wall
Courtesy Lloyd Mullen
Underwater tour at Sunnyside Beach, Steilacoom, WA
Courtesy Jacques Star, Dallas, TX